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Monday, March 2, 2009

Crazy or What?

Rock Church is doing something and as Pastor Bryan says "we are not letting the year happen to us, we are going to happen to the year". Yesterday not only did we do the baptisms during praise and worship but the whole congregation was given an envelope that read "Top secret". Inside those envelopes was either 5, 10, or20 dollars and a letter to go and do something. It was a Minnnie mission and I believe it was well received by everyone. This is not a gimmick but a God thing and it challenges us all to do something. We could pool our money with others and do a big thing or match what we had to bless another person, you get the picture. My husband and I have decided to pool our money and add to it to bless a new mother in our neighborhood.
I must tell you though, My husband and I practice this concept of giving already. We get along well with our neighbors and if we see a need we can do something about we try to do it. This past winter we burned a lot of wood to cut the cost of heating our home, Our elderly neighbor asked if he could have some of the wood my husband worked so hard to cut and split. No Problem. Same neighbor paints for a living and business has been slow. I came home one day and he had painted my mailbox post and box. It desperately needed the paint and we did not ask, he saw a need and filled it. Last week Same neighbor painted my back door. The paint was chipping and about gone as it was. Now my door has a fresh coat of paint with Green trim just like the rest of the house. I went to thank him immediately. We are blessed to have such compassionate neighbors. I must also tell you what ever you decide to give it does not have to be monetary, give up a parking spot, let someone in line ahead of you, hold the door for the next person, simply smile at someone, you would be amazed at what a kind face can do for a bad day.
10things I am grateful for today are:
  1. Another opportunity to be a blessing and a light to someone else
  2. Port City Landscaping they do a great job at Rock church
  3. Volunteers
  4. Debbie Powers' Kabota
  5. Rock Church
  6. Carolyn, great Photographer without who's images I would not have a pic of the Top Secret envelope. Thanx.
  7. Gods peace and grace during the hard stuff
  8. Kids that make me proud
  9. Spanx... If you know what that is you will get it
  10. A husband that truly loves me

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