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Monday, August 31, 2009


God gives us what we ask for if He knows it is our hearts desire. I pray for wisdom frequently and then am surprised to have it. Along with the wisdom comes occasion to put it to good use. I love when I am presented with a question or situation or when someone asks my advice and Holy Spirit jumps in and answers.
Today I was approached and asked a certain question and because I am known for being honest this person knew I would not try to skirt the answer. I answered the question and even though I could see that the answer would cause some bad feelings I had to tell the truth. Added to that truth came wisdom.
I once read in the bible that if you have a question meant for a particular person you should go to that person and ask it. If they will not be open and honest with you then go to that person with two or three more people and get to the root of the problem. I felt like this person should go to the person or people he has a question about and ask them if their fears are true.
I can not help but feel like they need a mediator but am no expert in the area being spoke about. I do have certain talents that have yet to be revealed because of fear or some other irrational feeling, and I also know that because of certain circumstances the fears of the second person may be due to an unwillingness to let go.
"Man this is hard for me to talk about without getting emotionally involved".
Tho I had noticed some of the things being talked about I am sure none of it was on purpose. Perhaps the third party just needs to hear the concerns of the second party and this can all be resolved in a few minuets.
To anyone with a problem with anyone...Seek out that person, ask them face to face whats up or discuss your feelings and why and perhaps it was all a big misunderstanding.
Personally it has happened to me a few times. Someone says that I said such and such about so and so...you get it right. When it got so bad so and so would not answer my calls I found her and asked her point blank "what have you heard?" Needless to say most of what she had heard was either taken out of context or was simply embellished stories by the gossip crew and in the end we did not become friends but at least I was able to put out the fire.
Now the second party on the first part of my story was not bashing anyone, just concerned. I told them I could see they where feeling bad and that maybe they should bring it up to the third party. I hope this is just a misunderstanding.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Be a Witness

Last night I had an opportunity to witness to some people. They asked the question "Why was God so hard on Adam and Eve but now Christians only have to ask forgiveness?" To me the answer was easy...JESUS.
McKinly and I explained how Jesus came to earth to take the punishment for all our sin and because of that we no longer get punished. We need only to repent and turn from our sin and God will forgive us.
Needless to say that only led to more questions. I was impressed by my sons answers. He does have a good hold on what it means to be saved and to live for Christ. As for the gentleman asking all the questions I do not know what he thought, but I do know some new seed was planted. We only need to let them be and God will grow them in his spirit.
It was not a debate but good conversation about God, forgiveness, and unconditional love.
God knew we needed a way out. He figured out we are so imperfect that He had to do something drastic. So being three in one he came as Christ to walk among us and go through all we go through, resisting the same sin we fight with every day giving Him a true feeling about what we feel and why we make the decisions we make sometimes. The difference is He knew what His end would be like.
As Jesus He chose to Let them beat him and hang him on the cross because he knew what we all tend to forget. God loves us. There is nothing we can do to earn Gods love because he already loves us all so much. After God as Christ died and the veil was torn we were granted audience with God whenever we choose. God just wants us to hang out with Him and acknowledge Him in our lives.
I guess we as people have a hard time understanding that concept. We tend to have agendas for everything, (If I do this, then I'll get that) In our human mind we tend to believe you don't get something for nothing.
God's forgiveness is free. Repent and turn from Satan and see what God will do for you. He loves you even in your sin. Acknowledge Him. Recognise what he did for you even tho you were a sinner so you could be saved. When that happens you won't have a choice. You will know He is God.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Man I hope you know God is all over this. The buzz is ROCK Church and God doing something BIG! Double serviceses, we better be ready because if God told PB to go double Then we are gonna be busy. Preparing for this Sunday has had it's challenges but with the excitement building who could be discouraged. Imagine A chance to Show God we really are a church for the people of our city and the world. I think we have one of the most genuine pastors out there. Pastor B really does care about our city and really does pray for God to help us, Show us, how to do what He wants us to do. My faith grows more the longer I work with Pastor B. I am always amazed when it seems like he has been reading my journal. God has a hold of him and Pastor Bryan has a hold on God. I know you may think because I work @ ROCK Church I am biased but let me tell you. God has placed me here. I believe in the vision @ ROCK Church. I am growing spiritually, and God won't let us get too comfortable with ourselves before he starts moving again. All I got to say is GET READY Wilmington. God is moving.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a day!

I still have tons to do before next Sunday when ROCK Church go's double and I can only concentrate on one day at a time or I will lose it! Tomorrow will be Tuesday and I plan on spending my four hours stripping and re waxing the floor for the new "Double take" room. This will be the place for the tweens of remix to meet for second service and serve for "Kids Rock". It will give them an opportunity to serve in a small way but it will mean so much to Helen, Who by the way, could use a few good volunteers.
The point of this blog is...If you have the right information, right tools, and the will power, you really can do anything.
I have never stripped a floor in my life. Pastor Matthew needed a floor refinished and that is why I am at ROCK Church, to serve in any area necessary while following Pastor Bryan as he Strives to fulfill the vision God gave him. Again I digress.

When I started this job 1 & 1/2 years ago I never dreamed of doing the things I do now. I felt unqualified, undereducated, and way too scared to even attempt the things I do everyday now with no problem. Back to the floor... I have seen it done several times...doesn't look too hard.

  1. Put stripper in bucket
  2. Get a good mop and put the stripper on the wax, thick, let stand 20 to 30 min.
  3. Scrub
  4. Mop several times
  5. tra-la ready for wax

NOT SO! Last Friday I did step 1, step 2, and it was step 3 that got me. Evidently there are two machines, One for buffing and polishing and one for stripping and scrubbing. I attempted to use the wrong machine and after four hours of hard labor, had not accomplished a darn thing. The floor looked worse than when I started. I was exhausted and frustrated and I cleaned up my mess and called it a day. Only when I got home I started thinking and the more I thought about it the more I thought "It can not be that hard!" " What did I do wrong?" There must be an easier way, and there is but it would require me to call a company and rent a machine and possibly still not be able to do what needed to be done. Remember "I know nothing about stripping floors!!!"

The following Monday....I made up my mind, rent machine and attempt to do this one more time and wouldn't you know the machine was not available. "Now What?" ponder... OK call company again, ask if they have someone who can come and "SHOW" me how to do this. Give me step by step instructions. I make my phone call and yes they will send someone.

Adam came from Hy-Speed and told me the machine I had attempted to use was the wrong tool for the job. So I asked " What is the right tool?" and lo and behold we have one. A slow speed scrubbing tool. After a short lesson I was able to control it and tomorrow I WILL GET THAT FLOOR DONE!!!

It always amazes me when God won't let me quit. As much as I want to sometimes, I just can't. I refuse to let inanimate objects win. God gave me the power of deduction. If there is an easier way, more efficiant way, or cheaper way to do something. I will figure it out. I know this wisdom can only come from God. I do tend to make a lot of mistakes but in the end it always works out. God allows me to stumble and sometimes I fall flat on my face but God is always there to pick me up again. Thank You God!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yes I will be painting @ROCK Church, this Saturday. If you like to paint meet me @ ROCK Church Aug. 22, 2009 for a fun day of painting...No I am not being sarcastic, some people like to paint. I like to paint. Have I said Paint too many times? Any who Painting going on Sat be there!