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Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a day!

I still have tons to do before next Sunday when ROCK Church go's double and I can only concentrate on one day at a time or I will lose it! Tomorrow will be Tuesday and I plan on spending my four hours stripping and re waxing the floor for the new "Double take" room. This will be the place for the tweens of remix to meet for second service and serve for "Kids Rock". It will give them an opportunity to serve in a small way but it will mean so much to Helen, Who by the way, could use a few good volunteers.
The point of this blog is...If you have the right information, right tools, and the will power, you really can do anything.
I have never stripped a floor in my life. Pastor Matthew needed a floor refinished and that is why I am at ROCK Church, to serve in any area necessary while following Pastor Bryan as he Strives to fulfill the vision God gave him. Again I digress.

When I started this job 1 & 1/2 years ago I never dreamed of doing the things I do now. I felt unqualified, undereducated, and way too scared to even attempt the things I do everyday now with no problem. Back to the floor... I have seen it done several times...doesn't look too hard.

  1. Put stripper in bucket
  2. Get a good mop and put the stripper on the wax, thick, let stand 20 to 30 min.
  3. Scrub
  4. Mop several times
  5. tra-la ready for wax

NOT SO! Last Friday I did step 1, step 2, and it was step 3 that got me. Evidently there are two machines, One for buffing and polishing and one for stripping and scrubbing. I attempted to use the wrong machine and after four hours of hard labor, had not accomplished a darn thing. The floor looked worse than when I started. I was exhausted and frustrated and I cleaned up my mess and called it a day. Only when I got home I started thinking and the more I thought about it the more I thought "It can not be that hard!" " What did I do wrong?" There must be an easier way, and there is but it would require me to call a company and rent a machine and possibly still not be able to do what needed to be done. Remember "I know nothing about stripping floors!!!"

The following Monday....I made up my mind, rent machine and attempt to do this one more time and wouldn't you know the machine was not available. "Now What?" ponder... OK call company again, ask if they have someone who can come and "SHOW" me how to do this. Give me step by step instructions. I make my phone call and yes they will send someone.

Adam came from Hy-Speed and told me the machine I had attempted to use was the wrong tool for the job. So I asked " What is the right tool?" and lo and behold we have one. A slow speed scrubbing tool. After a short lesson I was able to control it and tomorrow I WILL GET THAT FLOOR DONE!!!

It always amazes me when God won't let me quit. As much as I want to sometimes, I just can't. I refuse to let inanimate objects win. God gave me the power of deduction. If there is an easier way, more efficiant way, or cheaper way to do something. I will figure it out. I know this wisdom can only come from God. I do tend to make a lot of mistakes but in the end it always works out. God allows me to stumble and sometimes I fall flat on my face but God is always there to pick me up again. Thank You God!