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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Be a Witness

Last night I had an opportunity to witness to some people. They asked the question "Why was God so hard on Adam and Eve but now Christians only have to ask forgiveness?" To me the answer was easy...JESUS.
McKinly and I explained how Jesus came to earth to take the punishment for all our sin and because of that we no longer get punished. We need only to repent and turn from our sin and God will forgive us.
Needless to say that only led to more questions. I was impressed by my sons answers. He does have a good hold on what it means to be saved and to live for Christ. As for the gentleman asking all the questions I do not know what he thought, but I do know some new seed was planted. We only need to let them be and God will grow them in his spirit.
It was not a debate but good conversation about God, forgiveness, and unconditional love.
God knew we needed a way out. He figured out we are so imperfect that He had to do something drastic. So being three in one he came as Christ to walk among us and go through all we go through, resisting the same sin we fight with every day giving Him a true feeling about what we feel and why we make the decisions we make sometimes. The difference is He knew what His end would be like.
As Jesus He chose to Let them beat him and hang him on the cross because he knew what we all tend to forget. God loves us. There is nothing we can do to earn Gods love because he already loves us all so much. After God as Christ died and the veil was torn we were granted audience with God whenever we choose. God just wants us to hang out with Him and acknowledge Him in our lives.
I guess we as people have a hard time understanding that concept. We tend to have agendas for everything, (If I do this, then I'll get that) In our human mind we tend to believe you don't get something for nothing.
God's forgiveness is free. Repent and turn from Satan and see what God will do for you. He loves you even in your sin. Acknowledge Him. Recognise what he did for you even tho you were a sinner so you could be saved. When that happens you won't have a choice. You will know He is God.