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Friday, August 28, 2009


Man I hope you know God is all over this. The buzz is ROCK Church and God doing something BIG! Double serviceses, we better be ready because if God told PB to go double Then we are gonna be busy. Preparing for this Sunday has had it's challenges but with the excitement building who could be discouraged. Imagine A chance to Show God we really are a church for the people of our city and the world. I think we have one of the most genuine pastors out there. Pastor B really does care about our city and really does pray for God to help us, Show us, how to do what He wants us to do. My faith grows more the longer I work with Pastor B. I am always amazed when it seems like he has been reading my journal. God has a hold of him and Pastor Bryan has a hold on God. I know you may think because I work @ ROCK Church I am biased but let me tell you. God has placed me here. I believe in the vision @ ROCK Church. I am growing spiritually, and God won't let us get too comfortable with ourselves before he starts moving again. All I got to say is GET READY Wilmington. God is moving.