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Monday, September 20, 2010

No words!

Well Pastor Bryan has been reading my journal again. The series God gave him for the last few weeks has messed me up.
I do believe in God, I believe Jesus died and rose again for our sin but do I live like Jesus is with me always...probably not.

I was reminded a couple weeks ago how blessed I felt to purchase a home we could afford. I was so happy and thankful God saw us worthy enough to open up yet another door of blessings on us.

I remember searching and searching for a home of our own that we would not have to struggle with the payment, getting a fixed mortgage, and it had to be within 8 miles of Burgaw with 4 bedrooms and two baths. I did not realize four bedrooms were so rare and so much more than a house with three. so after searching for months and looking at at least 20 homes this one came up. It has 4 bedrooms and two baths. It was well within our price range and we jumped on it.

I remember preparing the house for our stuff and praising and thanking God for all He had done for us. I remember singing loud and strong of the glory of the blessing bestowed upon our family. I remember cleaning and praying over every room as we prepared to be home owners. God has truly blessed us.

Recently I have been wanting more. I have become unsatisfied with the blessing God gave our family and have been envious of other peoples things. Wishing I had a garage, patio, french doors, bigger and better everything. I felt not only did I want an upgrade but that I deserved it. After all I have worked hard...well pastors sermon spoke to me. I was no longer happy with what God had blessed me with and not so long ago was singing praises for it.
I quickly repented for being so selfish. I thanked God for the blessings in my home. My children are healthy, My husband is a hard worker and he is faithful to me. I found work that I totally enjoy, of course with Gods help. He is still blessing me.

I have the washer and dryer I wanted and God provided a way for me to get them. This house...God too. My children...God's, Everything I have is His. I have never worried about money (too much because) God provides and I am a good steward with what He has given me. Because of this new position I am able to continue to work with FlipSide youth and Pastor Matthew, as well as take my son to C.A.P. and continue the small group I started.

Thank You God for blessing me, Thank you for all the things you have given to me. You are wonderful and marvelous and worthy to be praised. I lift my hands and worship you awesome God.

10 Things I am grateful for...

1. A forgiving God who gave His only son to save me.
2. A visionary God who created the entire universe just so He could spend time with me.
3. A giving God who gave us free will so we could choose to love Him because He loves us so much
4. A loving God who wants us to have our true hearts desire and determines what is best for us.
5. A God who lets us make mistakes and holds His arms out when we fall and come running back.
6. A God who knows what is best even when we can't understand.
7. A God who loves us so much He will never leave us nor forsake us.
8. A God who knows my heart even when I am angry, hurt, or upset.
9. A God who gave us all the answers and we still don't listen
10 An all forgiving all knowing God whom we can not hide from.
So turn around and run back to him. He still loves you. He is still waiting for you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Change is a good thing, Sometimes things change due to circumstances beyond our control. Sometimes we are resistant to it, but change is inevitable. Our lives go through so many changes that we hardly notice and other times change forces us to do things we were not aware we could.I like change. It means we are growing.

Okay, so what is changing now?

My employment status.

I find I have to leave a job that I have grown to like very much. This job has been an experience I will always be grateful for. I have learned so much about myself. I have been stretched. I have overcome fears, learned a lot of new skills and found that my ability to solve problems and "Get er done" is a amazing quality. I did not always enjoy the work but mostly enjoyed the challenges.

I have also come to know things come in seasons and I was able to fill a need for a season. The season I just came out of can only be described as spring. I bloomed and blossomed and had a few things pruned. All for the better and now I am entering summer. Taking all that helped me grow and am now basking in the sun. I have peace and joy in my life like never before. Not because of where I worked but because of the people I had the privilege to work with.

Pastor Brian took a chance on me. He saw something in me I was not able to see. I have to believe that, other wise I would not have been given the opportunity in the first place. I felt totally unworthy. I said what the heck I'll try it, if you think I can then maybe I can.

I did! I did it well. 50,000 sq ft. and twelve acres. Massive I know, a little intimidating...? sure, impossible?, No. Staying organized and lots of to do lists and en extra pair of eyes helped me get things done. 35 Volunteers helped too.

So now I have the daunting task of finding employment again. I have already filled out three applications and drew up a new resume. I am positive that whatever happens will be for the best. God has this, and I am at peace about the whole thing.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well a new year started today and I had a peaceful day of quiet reflection.

2009 was a year of new beginnings. Our church was called to fast and we will be fasting again this year. I found while fasting prayer is more intimate. God is always there but when we fast He seems closer. Being a Mom, maintenance super, and wife quiet time with God is very important to me.

I have embarked on a new journey. Studying and preparing myself for the new small group starting up again this month.
We will be teaching creation using Ken Ham's 12 DVDs. We will cover topics like " Was the world created in 6 days and why it is important, If Adam and Eve were the only two people created then who was Cain's wife?, Where there really dinosaurs and what happened to them...We are very excited to be called to teach on this subject.
We give all the credit to the creation scientists for doing all the work and allowing us to use it to further the education of people in our community.

Life lessons this year include "think before you speak, Pray while you are thinking, pray some more then do not speak. Meditate on what God has shown you, speak to your pastor, then speak. Not everyone thinks first, and sometimes people give God credit for things He has nothing to do with.

I am sure God would never tell you anything contrary to His word. If you are thinking of dating a guy...lets say who has recently left his wife(or at least that is what he told you) He is still married. Leave it alone. God has better for you.
If you meet a guy on the Internet and you do not really know him...Use your head, he can tell you whatever he wants to on the computer, or phone. All you know is what he has told you. Find out who he is before you start planning your life with him. He could be Married, he could be a rapist or he could just be a lonely guy not looking for anything but....Well you get the picture. He can say or be anything he wants. God has better for you.
If you had to lie for any reason to get what you thought God wanted you to have, stop it. If it was of God you would not have to lie. God has better for you.

People are not always what they seem. A lot of good people get used and did not know it was happening until the user was long gone.
We have to reflect, forgive, thank God for the learning experience and keep moving forward.
I do not sit here pretending to have all the answers. I am just a lowly human just like you with flaws and sin.
Only you and God know the real truth.
God never lies.
God never changes.
His word is always truth.
Yes I learned a lot this past year about the true nature of people. I need to gird myself with the armor of God and head out into the world trying not to judge, or point out others shortcomings, focus on me and mine because Gods Got it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Parenting is an awesome responsibility! God allows us to have and raise children seemingly with no instruction. That is not true.

We have an instruction manual for our entire life. The Bible.
Yes I know it sounds unrealistic to live by such strict rules but how in the world can we expect our children to live by our rules if we can not live by our Father's rules. Sure we have grace but we are going to have to answer for a lot of things we did while we were here, I'm sure of it.

All we have to do is stop looking to see what everyone else considers "OK" for our kids and look at the word. God does not care about the stupid little things like computers and cell phones. He wants us to love each other and care for one another. Help each other out when needed and celebrate with each other.

As for raising our children, We are to raise them to fear the lord. Give them strict guidelines to adhere to and learn to respect their parents and elders. They do not have to be afraid and we are not frustrate them. We can listen to them but we are the boss and what we say goes.

There must be firm lines that can not be crossed and if they get crossed we must be firm and adhere to the punishment. If we do not hold them accountable for their own actions then they will will never learn to be accountable and grow up to blame everything on everyone else.

We have to remember, yes we feel bad because we had to cancel plans because we have to hold our child accountable, but in the end they will understand that we are true to our word and expect them to behave in a way that is pleasing to us and God. We have to hold them to high standards because the world keeps lowering theirs.

God's standards never change! Sin is sin and believe me, We as parents are going to be held responsible for our children in the end. I would rather my child was upset for a few days then have to go to heaven and explain why I did not raise my child in the way they should go. And all I have to say to defend myself is "That's how all my friends did it".

Thursday, September 3, 2009

After Thought

I love that God uses me to encourage other people. God always seems to be there when I need Him to encourage others and I rarely need uplifting. I tend to look at the bright side...mostly.
I used to be one of those people that judged, gossiped, griped and complained about everything. Like "why does God do this to me?" or "can you believe what we just saw?" oh and "Oh my goodness, what was she thinking?". Yeah...one of those. I thank God for opening my eyes. What a terrible way to live, getting joy from others pain, or worse yet, causing said pain.
A long time ago a preacher said "write down everyone who wronged you then forgive them. Man that was hard enough but then I wrote a list of all the people I had wronged "and it was longer" Then I called the ones I could to ask them to forgive me and to tell the others I had forgiven them, the ones I could not for one reason or another IE: death, could not locate, etc... I have to believe God knows my heart and that I am forgiven.
While speaking to every person I could feel the presence of the Lord with me. It made me strong. I was able to call many people and reconnect on a new level with some who are very close to my heart. Funny though most of them did not even care what I had done. They seemed to not remember or really were not influenced at all by my behavior 15, 20 years ago or they had already forgiven me. And a few of them were grateful that I had forgiven them. As for the one I could not get ahole of "he died before I made my list" I forgave him and I actally felt bad for wishing him dead all those years ago. "I hope he knew Jesus when He died."
What was nice was I realized while writing the list of people I needed to forgive that it would only be right to write one for the people that I felt needed to know I had truly changed.
I thank God for that. I swallowed a lot of humble pie that week, even choked on some of it but in the end my conscience was clear. After doing all that It was reveled to me that it was not nessasary for me to do that. God had already forgiven me.
Now God uses me as an encourager for those suffering and discouraged with life and complaining about decisions made and blaming God. One thing I realized is God did not do it! We do it and then ask him why our life turned out a certain way. We choose our path, He can help correct it "If we ask" but we usually don't until we messed everything up so bad He is our only out.
We need to recognise God is in Control. I know that sounds like so "Christianise" but He is. He knows every hair on our head. It does not and will not matter what it looks like to anyone but Him after all is said and done.
At the beginning of this post I said "I mostly look on the bright side." Not always. I do get discouraged and when I do I go to my father and ask Him to reveal the positive in this situation and he does.
I think He allows us to have bad or sad things happen to regain our focus or to point out an area of weakness so he can mold us and shape us into what He originally planned, After all He is a jealous God. If we did not need Him He would have no reason to exist in our lives. We need to recognise God every day. He has given us everything including his own blood the least we lowly humans can do is acknowledge Him every day if only for a moment.
We are not worthy as a people of His awesome sacrifice yet He thinks we are. He wants us. He gave us an out. Jesus is the answer (corny but true). Jesus died so we could be free. We should be grateful and joyful when we come to him. We have no need to feel guilty because when we repent He forgets because He loves us...God is Love!