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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello everyone

I have been sooooooo busy! Pastor Bryan has been reading my mind again. You know how it is when you go to Church and the pastor says stuff like he has been reading your personal journal. 
If your a parent. Volunteers are needed for everything. So far this year I am the PTO co- President, Team MOM for football, not to forget organizing my own volunteers for the church's Building and grounds team, oh ya remembering to contact all parents and volunteers so they won't think the only time they get a phone call from me is when I want something. That last thing is important. I really do not want the only time I call someone to be when I need something. I love all my Volunteers and Parents. 
God Has not Been very high on my priority list lately maybe because everything has been going so well. I do not think I have even said thank you to Him. I really struggle with the whole only call on someone when you need them. It's not just God but even the people who so graciously give their time to me when I do call for that "one little thing". I have made a consciouses decision to make contact with people to let them know I really do care about them. I had one conversation last week and I reassured the person I did not need anything and after a little while talking I was getting the feeling the person I was talking to was waiting for the "BY THE WAY" part of our conversation. I reassured her I did not need anything from her or her husband and that I was saying hi and keeping in touch.  God won't think this way. He just waits and says "I knew you would be back."
I have always had the best intentions when starting to build relationships but they never seem to take off. The same is true with GOD. He has always been there when I needed him to talk to, cry to, whine to, complain to, pray to,... when I remember,  and I have only done it as an after thought. "WOW" I know I know but I also know He knows my heart. Thank You God for knowing what terrible people we are in the flesh. Thank You for sacrificing your Son for us.
You know most of us have to mess it up until it is so completely jumbled we can not remember how it started and THEN call on YOU. 
So a few weeks ago I decided to make the effort and stay connected with my Parents and Volunteers. Thats right I said Parents and volunteers not God,  and get this I do not think besides devotionals at work I prayed but for a few people and was not just thanking God for all he has done for me and my family. I want to grow my relationship with my father I really do,  I just need to do It.
Thank You Holy Spirit for leading PB in this direction. I will devote more of my time to YOU. Thank You PB for listening to Holy Spirit. This last few weeks have been good for me. I am growing in ways I never dreamed.
I have laid down some things....... I will not go into that but Thank You.
Even when we take Him for granted and He remains there waiting for us to come back. He is smiling and waiting with open arms and reassurance glad we took the time to call him. Remember The promise he made after the flood. He did that for our good but it hurt him to punish all of mankind but because he never wants to have to do that again He made a promise and Gods Promises are forever! GIVE HIM SOME OF YOUR TIME TODAY!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's Give em somethin to talk about!

  • Praise and worship is amazing.
  • Kids Rock is jammin,
  • Wee rock is growing,
  • Healings are taking place,
  • Volunteers are steppin up,
Wow, that is all I can say. How can you possibly describe God. There are no words in the English language that can describe what is taking place, not just here @The ROCK but all over the world. God is moving in a mighty way. Anyone with eyes can see that. Churches all over the place are growing exponentially. God is on the move. What are you doing to help? Are you plugged in @ your church or are you a pew warmer? When was the last time you got excited at church? God is doing something and I can't wait to see what 's going to happen next.
What can you say to get people talkin about What amazing things God is doing around your community? The point is to say something, Give God the glory and the highest praise. Lean not to your own understanding, and hang on because the best is yet to come, corny...maybe, but Jesus loves me anyway.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well last week was extraordinarily busy.
Sun - Took Mac to Va. for a summer enrichment camp @ Ferrum College, 4 and 1/2 hours each way.
Mon. - Came to work after getting up late, because of the long day on Sunday, rushed my morning and had to stop to get some really bad coffee. Can some one please get it right? It is only coffee. One good cup that is all i need. Not a lot to ask folks.
Tues. - Things are looking better. Not a lot to do this week.
Wed. - Starting to think about this weekend and the long drive back to Va. Miss my Son whom I have just realized has been gone for 3nights and four days. He has called collect twice because he misses us, But assures us he is having fun.
Thurs. - Last day of Work tomorrow is the fourth. Have to clean my house, Family coming in from all over the United states and someone may need a room.
Fri - Still cleaning my house. Tony went to help set up for the Annual Friday evening Fish Fry. We had to leave early because..... U guessed it back to Va. to pick up Mac.
Sat. - Got up at 4:00am to head out on our 4 and 1/2 hour trip. The little ones slept all the way. The rain held off most of the way. And less than half way back get a call because the family needs help. Yes they know we are out of town. No there is nothing we can do about it. See ya when we see ya.
The Shiloh Crew did an amazing Step routine and that gave me an Idea for the Rock's got talent. Ross played his drum solo. Decilla and her team stepped out a routine for Daddy Mac and Sis. Fun was had by all and we left early because we were exhausted. LOOOONG weeek. Love you all. Whew I am glad that week is over.
Now the Different and new.
Sun.- My son is growing and reaching new goals for himself. Staying so far away from home is a big step for a young Man.
Mon. - Made it to work on time. Thankfully I was not busy. Someone Made a pot of coffee that was drinkable yeah!
Tues.- Changed a light bulb. Not too bad. I am getting good at it.
Wed. - Started my house, vacuumed behind the fridge, in the room where the furnace is and that may make my light bill even lower. The light bill and phone bill came and where Lower than I expected.
Thurs. - Went tanning and had some me time after work because the rest of my weekend is shot.
Fri.- Laundry, Laundry, Laundry. I like doing that so it is good, maybe not different and new but good.
Sat.- Got up early saw the Sun rise for the first time in ages. Beautiful. I Strongly suggest doing this once in a while just to remind yourself that we have no idea what God is doing. And take time to thank him for his grace and mercy on our little insignificant lives.
Sun. - Dave and the Rock group had a spirit led worship service worthy of praise. God was tapping his feet, clapping along and smiling down saying "Thank you all. You have blessed me this morning." (use your imagination) I know I am not God and I would never presume to know what He might say or do at any given moment but for fun sake just imagine.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

10 things that are growing

I have to say something is happening.
  1. Our church The ROCK is growing, I here this is unusual this time of year
  2. The giving spirit is growing, People are giving of there time and resources more
  3. I am growing, Spiritually
  4. My Children, growing daily!
  5. Our Children's Ministry, Growing
  6. Hand Up Out Reach, Growing. We are feeding more and bringing more, and clothing more of needy than ever.
  7. Grounds Team, Growing I now have 25 volunteers.
  8. Office team, Growing
  9. Flip Side, Growing- Way to go PM. You have a way with our youth.
  10. Gods Kingdom, Growing well it must be. Pastors are teaching that God Loves us all. Every tribe , nation, and tongue Equally. More people are finding Jesus. More people are telling about Jesus and so on and so on........
All of these things are connected to Our Church Family. God is doing something Big in Southeastern North Carolina. If you look and not so hard you can see it happening.
Go to church and not just any church, a church that is growing and see what God is doing.