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Thursday, July 3, 2008

10 things that are growing

I have to say something is happening.
  1. Our church The ROCK is growing, I here this is unusual this time of year
  2. The giving spirit is growing, People are giving of there time and resources more
  3. I am growing, Spiritually
  4. My Children, growing daily!
  5. Our Children's Ministry, Growing
  6. Hand Up Out Reach, Growing. We are feeding more and bringing more, and clothing more of needy than ever.
  7. Grounds Team, Growing I now have 25 volunteers.
  8. Office team, Growing
  9. Flip Side, Growing- Way to go PM. You have a way with our youth.
  10. Gods Kingdom, Growing well it must be. Pastors are teaching that God Loves us all. Every tribe , nation, and tongue Equally. More people are finding Jesus. More people are telling about Jesus and so on and so on........
All of these things are connected to Our Church Family. God is doing something Big in Southeastern North Carolina. If you look and not so hard you can see it happening.
Go to church and not just any church, a church that is growing and see what God is doing.

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