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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well last week was extraordinarily busy.
Sun - Took Mac to Va. for a summer enrichment camp @ Ferrum College, 4 and 1/2 hours each way.
Mon. - Came to work after getting up late, because of the long day on Sunday, rushed my morning and had to stop to get some really bad coffee. Can some one please get it right? It is only coffee. One good cup that is all i need. Not a lot to ask folks.
Tues. - Things are looking better. Not a lot to do this week.
Wed. - Starting to think about this weekend and the long drive back to Va. Miss my Son whom I have just realized has been gone for 3nights and four days. He has called collect twice because he misses us, But assures us he is having fun.
Thurs. - Last day of Work tomorrow is the fourth. Have to clean my house, Family coming in from all over the United states and someone may need a room.
Fri - Still cleaning my house. Tony went to help set up for the Annual Friday evening Fish Fry. We had to leave early because..... U guessed it back to Va. to pick up Mac.
Sat. - Got up at 4:00am to head out on our 4 and 1/2 hour trip. The little ones slept all the way. The rain held off most of the way. And less than half way back get a call because the family needs help. Yes they know we are out of town. No there is nothing we can do about it. See ya when we see ya.
The Shiloh Crew did an amazing Step routine and that gave me an Idea for the Rock's got talent. Ross played his drum solo. Decilla and her team stepped out a routine for Daddy Mac and Sis. Fun was had by all and we left early because we were exhausted. LOOOONG weeek. Love you all. Whew I am glad that week is over.
Now the Different and new.
Sun.- My son is growing and reaching new goals for himself. Staying so far away from home is a big step for a young Man.
Mon. - Made it to work on time. Thankfully I was not busy. Someone Made a pot of coffee that was drinkable yeah!
Tues.- Changed a light bulb. Not too bad. I am getting good at it.
Wed. - Started my house, vacuumed behind the fridge, in the room where the furnace is and that may make my light bill even lower. The light bill and phone bill came and where Lower than I expected.
Thurs. - Went tanning and had some me time after work because the rest of my weekend is shot.
Fri.- Laundry, Laundry, Laundry. I like doing that so it is good, maybe not different and new but good.
Sat.- Got up early saw the Sun rise for the first time in ages. Beautiful. I Strongly suggest doing this once in a while just to remind yourself that we have no idea what God is doing. And take time to thank him for his grace and mercy on our little insignificant lives.
Sun. - Dave and the Rock group had a spirit led worship service worthy of praise. God was tapping his feet, clapping along and smiling down saying "Thank you all. You have blessed me this morning." (use your imagination) I know I am not God and I would never presume to know what He might say or do at any given moment but for fun sake just imagine.

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