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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello everyone

I have been sooooooo busy! Pastor Bryan has been reading my mind again. You know how it is when you go to Church and the pastor says stuff like he has been reading your personal journal. 
If your a parent. Volunteers are needed for everything. So far this year I am the PTO co- President, Team MOM for football, not to forget organizing my own volunteers for the church's Building and grounds team, oh ya remembering to contact all parents and volunteers so they won't think the only time they get a phone call from me is when I want something. That last thing is important. I really do not want the only time I call someone to be when I need something. I love all my Volunteers and Parents. 
God Has not Been very high on my priority list lately maybe because everything has been going so well. I do not think I have even said thank you to Him. I really struggle with the whole only call on someone when you need them. It's not just God but even the people who so graciously give their time to me when I do call for that "one little thing". I have made a consciouses decision to make contact with people to let them know I really do care about them. I had one conversation last week and I reassured the person I did not need anything and after a little while talking I was getting the feeling the person I was talking to was waiting for the "BY THE WAY" part of our conversation. I reassured her I did not need anything from her or her husband and that I was saying hi and keeping in touch.  God won't think this way. He just waits and says "I knew you would be back."
I have always had the best intentions when starting to build relationships but they never seem to take off. The same is true with GOD. He has always been there when I needed him to talk to, cry to, whine to, complain to, pray to,... when I remember,  and I have only done it as an after thought. "WOW" I know I know but I also know He knows my heart. Thank You God for knowing what terrible people we are in the flesh. Thank You for sacrificing your Son for us.
You know most of us have to mess it up until it is so completely jumbled we can not remember how it started and THEN call on YOU. 
So a few weeks ago I decided to make the effort and stay connected with my Parents and Volunteers. Thats right I said Parents and volunteers not God,  and get this I do not think besides devotionals at work I prayed but for a few people and was not just thanking God for all he has done for me and my family. I want to grow my relationship with my father I really do,  I just need to do It.
Thank You Holy Spirit for leading PB in this direction. I will devote more of my time to YOU. Thank You PB for listening to Holy Spirit. This last few weeks have been good for me. I am growing in ways I never dreamed.
I have laid down some things....... I will not go into that but Thank You.
Even when we take Him for granted and He remains there waiting for us to come back. He is smiling and waiting with open arms and reassurance glad we took the time to call him. Remember The promise he made after the flood. He did that for our good but it hurt him to punish all of mankind but because he never wants to have to do that again He made a promise and Gods Promises are forever! GIVE HIM SOME OF YOUR TIME TODAY!

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Rachel Rowell said...

It was an amazing message wasn't it! It deeply spoke to me as well.