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Monday, August 4, 2008

My Boys are Growing up

Ross and McKinly were baptized today How exciting. They have taken the next step in their journey with Christ. McKinly has been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues and has a deep spiritual relationship with God. He is much more mature than his 11 years. He has an insight most children do not poses. Ross on the other hand is very artistic and quiet. He enjoys his alone time. Ross is also kind of a risk taker. God has saved him several times this year alone. I am so proud of them. I can not wait to see what God has in mind for them. Daddy could not be here today but I thank God he is able to work and he has a job. The economy being what it is today. Any who....... I love the lord and I love my children. I love Pastor Matt for taking pics and Pastor B for posting them so I could use them too.

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Anonymous said...

Your photos look great!!! It must be fab having a real photographer take them. Mine are snaps with my lousy camera that only likes to take pictures in broad daylight.

Miss you! Love you! Very proud of our kids,