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Thursday, June 4, 2009


As some of you may know I depend heavily on volunteers @ ROCK Church
and I am so blessed for outpouring of support from all my Volunteers. Some of them are not even members @ ROCK Church but they come anyway to glorify the Lord with their hands. Our grounds are looking better every week and it is all because of the blessing we received from our volunteers. I wanted to take the time to list a few-Anthony, Tony, Chris, craig, Dave, Carrie, Ed John, Charled, Earnest, TJ, Libby, Lorenzo, Allen, Ray, Fred, Michael, Shellie, RD, Denise, Mitch, Valery, Kevin, Marcy, Lestly, Nash, Travis, Tasha, Robert, Jennifer, Richard, Winston, Thad, Beverly, Susan, Michael, and all the children. I want them to know I appreciate all their hard work. Thank You everyone. I can not wait for our next day of fellowship and fun. You are all amazing and May God bless you all the way He has blessed me.