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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fasting and Gratitude

This is a great day! I was stuck in traffic for over an hour and that was some great time of worship in my car. Spending time with God while stuck in traffic, I guess thats one way for God to get your attention. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shimmering on the ice covered glass of my car and the doors were froze shut. As the sun was shining so bright this morning I began to wonder how wonderful heaven must be. What a beautiful day. Yes I could have been frustrated with the traffic but I wasn't. All I could think is "Isn't it wonderful after a day of gray and dreary weather to get such radiant brilliance only God can provide." I like special time with God. Unplanned, spontaneous worship and praise. I enjoyed myself..... for the first 45 min, then it seemed like we were never going to move. I started texting to let PB and LC know where I was. Then I realized how far away from my exit I was, then I noticed cars moving faster in the left lane, (I figured I will stay where I am because you know as well as I if I switch lanes the opposite will happen. Soon I realized I was NOT thinking of God anymore but getting frustrated with the traffic that was now trying to get in front of me after trying to sneak up the left lane, where evidently the accident occurred. Getting my focus back on God I began to notice how the sun shines through the trees and where the beams landed the road was dry and the rest was wet. The sun is rising higher now and the light is streaming into my cars side window, an almost blinding light. Hundreds of cars in front and behind and here I am, wondering "I hope whoever was in that crash is alright?" I said a prayer for them, whoever they are. I never saw the vehicle that was involved. Now it has been an hour and a half I can see the Tow truck coming up the right side over the white line partially on the grass. A song comes on the radio (Give me your eyes) Love it! The artists name escapes me but the chorus goes like this.
Give me your eyes so I can see everything that I been missin, give me your love for humanity, give me your arms for the brokenhearted the ones that are far beyond my reach, give me your heart for the ones forgotten, give me your eyes so I can see..... I want that. God give me your eyes, arms and heart. I want to be that person for someone lost and alone. I want people to see me and know that I am yours. I want the water of life flowing out of me like never before. Let people see the Jesus in me. OK the 10 things I am grateful for.
  1. Getting gas before getting on I40 this morning
  2. Stopping to get the gas. (that accident could have involved me.) Thank you God for protecting me.
  3. My husband (helping with the children this morning)
  4. The word from John 4 today
  5. Whole wheat pasta! YUM!
  6. 100% fruit juice on sale at Food Lion
  7. Beano (you know what I mean)
  8. sunshine on a cold morning
  9. beautiful ice patterns on glass
  10. heaters

Monday, January 12, 2009

Check it out

We are doing the Daniel fast @ Rock Church
and I must say it is an experience. We are having devotionals daily as we read through the book of John. Yesterday at Rock church we showed a video
about the Daniel fast. It was a fun way to tell people about fasting and sacrifice. PM and K did a great job.
As for the fast I found out there is no such thing as fast food with dry beans. To enjoy these recipes you must plan ahead. My 12yo son and I are doing this together as well as the bible reading. He is serious about his walk with God. He has always had a strong desire to know Him more. Reading John yesterday I realized I had not read that particular book yet. Wow! can you believe that? Of course I had heard it but I had never studied it and while reading yesterday i realized how grateful I am for a God who loves me so much that he became flesh to die for me. so during this next 21 days I will share my top 10 things I am grateful for.
  1. God loves me (Always)
  2. I am stronger today than yesterday(and will be stronger tomorrow)
  3. My Family is in good health
  4. My husband loves me
  5. I have a GREAT J.O.B.
  6. My Pastors wisdom (He shares with us)
  7. Wood working class (Learning new things)
  8. My children make me proud
  9. Great volunteers (I could not list them all but You are All GREAT! God will bless you)
  10. Angela (a great listener)
Daniel fast recipe I used. It got great reviews
1 bag 15bean mix (this came with packet for beef seasoning, just toss it aside)
follow directions on the bag to prepare the dried beans. When they are properly soaked, rinse and
Add a quart of vegetable stock and a quart of water to a large pot. Cook for two hours.
Then saute One large onion Chopped, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 tablespoon garlic, peel and chop 2 tomatoes save juice, add to onions and garlic. One half can organic tomato paste. simmer 5 min and add to the beans, Use two TBLS garlic and herb seasoning (no salt no MSG, found at Sam's), Add two table spoons Sylvia's secret seasoning, Cook at a simmer for one more hour. This is a great tasting soup.

stayed up half the night to make sure this video made to the web so check it out. Carolyn is also going to be my accountability coach. I plan to quit smoking. The 21st will be my last day and I know she will hold me accountable. Thank you for agreeing to do this for me Carolyn. :-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We as a church body are being called to fast for 21 days with our focus on God and our city. Not just our church here at Rock Church but several churches. How could this be a bad thing? I don't believe it could be. I feel like we should come together as a team for God and take this time to hear what He has in store for us. I feel like we can only benefit from this experience. Like Pastor B said we do not all have to go without food for 21 days(unless God has called you to do so) but I think if we seek the lord with prayer we will be led to put away something we THINK we can not live without. I have been preparing mentally, physically and spiritually for this. I want a closer relationship with God. I want to here his voice. I want Him to touch me in a special way. I want more of Him. 11 days after the beginning of the fast I have set a QUIT date for smoking.(Yes I have been a smoker for years) I believe with God all things are possible and I know I am stronger than my addiction(Plus I have a, what I believe to be a, "Great Coach" to help keep me accountable. I have been preparing for this for the last two months. My 10 reasons for quitting are these...
  1. For my health(I'm no spring chicken)
  2. For my husband(worried I'll die today)
  3. For my 12yo (worried I won't live to see my grand children)
  4. To be an example for the people who look up to me. (my children)
  5. I do not want cancer from cigarette's (or any other kind)
  6. Quitting will add years back to my life
  7. So I can breath better(I used to run and last week while helping put away somethings I had a hard time catching my breath after a few trips up and down the stairs.) I once ran a mile in 7min. That is my goal to be able to run a mile again, it does not have to be 7 min. but to finish it running would be good.
  8. Save Money- yes it would be about $75.00 a month. (That will pay for Ross's Guitar lessons)
  9. I will spend about 30 extra min. a day with my children.(because I smoke outside and not around them)
  10. My food, that I love, will taste better.
Any way my heart is in it and my spirit is willing, though my flesh may be weak, nothing is impossible with God on your side and Carolyn keeping you accountable.