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Monday, January 12, 2009

Check it out

We are doing the Daniel fast @ Rock Church
and I must say it is an experience. We are having devotionals daily as we read through the book of John. Yesterday at Rock church we showed a video
about the Daniel fast. It was a fun way to tell people about fasting and sacrifice. PM and K did a great job.
As for the fast I found out there is no such thing as fast food with dry beans. To enjoy these recipes you must plan ahead. My 12yo son and I are doing this together as well as the bible reading. He is serious about his walk with God. He has always had a strong desire to know Him more. Reading John yesterday I realized I had not read that particular book yet. Wow! can you believe that? Of course I had heard it but I had never studied it and while reading yesterday i realized how grateful I am for a God who loves me so much that he became flesh to die for me. so during this next 21 days I will share my top 10 things I am grateful for.
  1. God loves me (Always)
  2. I am stronger today than yesterday(and will be stronger tomorrow)
  3. My Family is in good health
  4. My husband loves me
  5. I have a GREAT J.O.B.
  6. My Pastors wisdom (He shares with us)
  7. Wood working class (Learning new things)
  8. My children make me proud
  9. Great volunteers (I could not list them all but You are All GREAT! God will bless you)
  10. Angela (a great listener)
Daniel fast recipe I used. It got great reviews
1 bag 15bean mix (this came with packet for beef seasoning, just toss it aside)
follow directions on the bag to prepare the dried beans. When they are properly soaked, rinse and
Add a quart of vegetable stock and a quart of water to a large pot. Cook for two hours.
Then saute One large onion Chopped, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 tablespoon garlic, peel and chop 2 tomatoes save juice, add to onions and garlic. One half can organic tomato paste. simmer 5 min and add to the beans, Use two TBLS garlic and herb seasoning (no salt no MSG, found at Sam's), Add two table spoons Sylvia's secret seasoning, Cook at a simmer for one more hour. This is a great tasting soup.

stayed up half the night to make sure this video made to the web so check it out. Carolyn is also going to be my accountability coach. I plan to quit smoking. The 21st will be my last day and I know she will hold me accountable. Thank you for agreeing to do this for me Carolyn. :-)

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