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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fasting and Gratitude

This is a great day! I was stuck in traffic for over an hour and that was some great time of worship in my car. Spending time with God while stuck in traffic, I guess thats one way for God to get your attention. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shimmering on the ice covered glass of my car and the doors were froze shut. As the sun was shining so bright this morning I began to wonder how wonderful heaven must be. What a beautiful day. Yes I could have been frustrated with the traffic but I wasn't. All I could think is "Isn't it wonderful after a day of gray and dreary weather to get such radiant brilliance only God can provide." I like special time with God. Unplanned, spontaneous worship and praise. I enjoyed myself..... for the first 45 min, then it seemed like we were never going to move. I started texting to let PB and LC know where I was. Then I realized how far away from my exit I was, then I noticed cars moving faster in the left lane, (I figured I will stay where I am because you know as well as I if I switch lanes the opposite will happen. Soon I realized I was NOT thinking of God anymore but getting frustrated with the traffic that was now trying to get in front of me after trying to sneak up the left lane, where evidently the accident occurred. Getting my focus back on God I began to notice how the sun shines through the trees and where the beams landed the road was dry and the rest was wet. The sun is rising higher now and the light is streaming into my cars side window, an almost blinding light. Hundreds of cars in front and behind and here I am, wondering "I hope whoever was in that crash is alright?" I said a prayer for them, whoever they are. I never saw the vehicle that was involved. Now it has been an hour and a half I can see the Tow truck coming up the right side over the white line partially on the grass. A song comes on the radio (Give me your eyes) Love it! The artists name escapes me but the chorus goes like this.
Give me your eyes so I can see everything that I been missin, give me your love for humanity, give me your arms for the brokenhearted the ones that are far beyond my reach, give me your heart for the ones forgotten, give me your eyes so I can see..... I want that. God give me your eyes, arms and heart. I want to be that person for someone lost and alone. I want people to see me and know that I am yours. I want the water of life flowing out of me like never before. Let people see the Jesus in me. OK the 10 things I am grateful for.
  1. Getting gas before getting on I40 this morning
  2. Stopping to get the gas. (that accident could have involved me.) Thank you God for protecting me.
  3. My husband (helping with the children this morning)
  4. The word from John 4 today
  5. Whole wheat pasta! YUM!
  6. 100% fruit juice on sale at Food Lion
  7. Beano (you know what I mean)
  8. sunshine on a cold morning
  9. beautiful ice patterns on glass
  10. heaters

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