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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Gods Hands

My eldest son, Private Edward J. Hurley Jr. (E.J.) Has made it to the middle east. He is currently in Kuwait awaiting orders to deploy to Bagdad. We love him and we are proud that he would choose to volunteer for the Army, knowing we are at war. We pray for him daily. We have placed him in Gods hands and the rest is up to The Maker of the universe. God tells us not to worry. He loves us and does not want us to suffer. In the giant scheme of it all, He did create us and He wants us. I know he will keep my son safe. You can email E.J. at edwardjhurleyjr@yahoo.com let him know you are supporting him and his platoon, you can also email EDWARD.HURLEY1@us.army.mil. I will keep you posted.

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