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Friday, June 27, 2008

Box Tops!

Hello Parents, Once again we are getting ready for the new school year. We are hoping 2008/2009 will be very productive.
Last year we accomplished a lot.
  1. New balls for all class rooms
  2. New swings for the play ground
  3. Fall festival was a huge success
  4. The art fund raiser brought in a good amount of money
  5. Lolli Pop Fri. was ok. This year we need to really promote these
  6. T-shirt sales were up and this year we will have another new design. We will only do pre orders. In the past we have had to eat a lot of shirts and we can not afford to have that happen. By doing Pre orders we will only order what we need and I will try to do an Order after school starts. Order forms will be available the first day of school and you can turn them in Sept. 9th at the First PTO meeting wich will be at 5:00 pm till 7:00 pm.
  7. For the first Pto meeting we will also be preselling plates for dinner. Save you time and money. Order your food and it will be ready for you when you come. Fellowship and food till 6:00pm them the meeting will start promptly at 6:00pm.
  8. There will be a surprise as well. You will not want to miss this. So make sure you mark your calenders. For Sept. 9th 5:00pm

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PTO Blues

I have recently become the PTO CO-President, yes there are two of us, And upon my first meeting with the Principle have discovered I'm not as nice as I could be or that apparently I don't ask for help enough.

As last years secretary I felt I could not do enough. I wanted to help more. I called every parent who took the time to fill out a connection card and who's phone still worked at least 5times last year. I asked for help all the time. Don't get me wrong I love volunteering at my children's school, I even like interacting with most of the parents. I promise to try to do better. I told the principle I would be so sweet when I leave she will have a tooth ache.lol.

Anywho the new school year has not started and I am already having to defend myself. Oh by the way I was voted in. So who is this minority of people who say I'm not asking for help, or that I'm mean.

Know What?.....doesn't matter. I am not there for them I am there for my son and his friends to try to make this school a better place.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Great Job Grounds Team!

We had a great day!
  • 7 Volunteers showed up ready to get their work on.
  • Many Many Shrubs & bushes were pruned.
  • 12 Crepe Myrtles planted down both sides of the side driveway.
  • 6 Rose bushes dead headed and cut back.
  • Dead trees and shrubs pulled and new ones put in their place.
  • Fertilized all new plants and some smaller older ones.
All of this was finished in Two hours! Way to go team.
You all impressed me so much. It was a pleasure getting an opportunity to work with and get to know each of you better. I can not wait until the next beautification Celebration. I hope to do this 4 times a year. You are all wonderful and understand the object of team work. The grounds are looking better and better. Thank you for serving.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Land scapers Come!

Next Wednesday here at the ROCK we will be doing some more work to improve the view what I like to call " Beautification Celebration ". This will be a time of fellowship and unity. We will all work together to achieve a common goal. Everything will be ready for you when you get here. We will tackle the trees in the back yard as well as the bushes along the back perimeter. I would like to plant at least 12 Crape Myrtles along the driveway. This will be a sight to behold. Of course mulching is involved. The day- Wed. June 18Th, Time 5:00pm till 7:00pm hope to see you there. Snacks and drinks provided.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mom Aaaahhhhhggggg!!!

Well it finally happened, My baby boy Cass has crossed into the realm of " it is too embarrassing for Mom to kiss me in front of my friends " Yep I bent down to kiss his little head and he firmly placed his hand out to stop me while yelling "MOM AAAHHHGGG! " A little taken aback I said " OK " gave him a small pat on the head and walked away shocked. Cassius is the last of 5 children and he is stepping into the next phase of boyhood, no affection from MOM. Oh well I knew it would happen sooner or later, I just did not expect it today. I almost lost it. But I'm cool, I'm Tough, I can take it. Well on to the next phase whatever that may bring I will be ready because I look forward to different and new. God is my strength and with him I can do all things.(may not like all things) but will do them just the same.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fridge on the fritz

As many people know The ROCK church has an wonderful ministry called Hand Up. We reach out to the community and offer a ride to church that includes breakfast, lunch, shower and clean change of cloths and if needed shoes. Well our fridge went out and I searched Craig's list for a new one CHEEP! Well I came across a man named Richard who not only picks up old appliances but is going to bring us a new one at no charge. I did not get his co. name but I will and I will be sure to tell everyone about it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wasps, bees, and other flying bugs OH MY!

Today I must conquer the stinging insects. It seems wasps have tried to take over the playground. I know...this is dangerous work but I think I can handle it. I once read an article that stated if you are being chased by bees you should run in a zig zag pattern(which I think is funny.) here's why. I was chased by wasps once when I was a kid and YOU CAN'T HELP BUT RUN IN A ZIG ZAG PATTERN! you can't see because you are running with your eyes shut and your arms flailing about to keep them off your face, Doing this will not guarantee you will not get stung however you will make some video for anyone watching. OH well here I go. I'll let you know what happens. They say if you plan an assault on wasps you should do it early in the morning.