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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tying shoes/ No problem

I have a few children as you all know. I know a lot, I've read a lot of books and I thought I was doing pretty well until someone noticed my 8yo can not tie his own shoes. (Never would have happened if he had come to me), any who he asked someone to tie his shoes and they could not believe he could not do this simple task himself. When it was brought to my attention I simply stated "It is easier to do it myself, I do not have time, I've tried to show him how to do it" and, well you get the picture. I was a little embarrassed, as a parent I have always done a great job, lol, and whats the big deal anyway, yes he does need to learn to tie, I will not be able to go to college with him and Velcro is not an option. My friend gave me a great book called Red Lace Yellow Lace. I hope it works. He is a visual learner and the book is colorful and very detailed. We will work on this everyday. I got to thinkin, Who taught the last three how to tie their shoes? I realized it was not me it was day care. Oh my goodness, how could I have missed such an opportunity? Am I a horrible parent?, Nah just busy. I am glad I get to be the one to show the last two. Yes it is a big deal. I missed it with the first three and did not even realize I could not remember when they started tying their own shoes. Well I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Feaver

Well I always thought I hated to work outside, But I am finding out that with weather as beautiful as ours has been this week it ain't so bad. I chalk up my chipper attitude to a healthy dose of vitamin D from all the sun I was able to enjoy this week. As for the list I blogged about earlier this week I think a made a pretty good dent in it. I planted 7 trees and mulched them, cleaned up all beds in the back and pruned the shrubs and trees in the back. I have had to straighten up back behind the dumpster where we have an abundance of trees and shrubs yet to be planted. Problem is I can not move them until I am ready to place them in the ground because the roots have come through the bottoms. Things are starting to look pretty good. I hope people can tell how much I enjoy my position. I hope my work shows that I do take a sense of pride in what I do, and considering the pure scale of what needs to be done and what I would like to do, with the resources I have, I think it is pretty good. PB is always encouraging, yesterday he hollered how awesome I am at doing what I do.
My woodworking class is almost finished and once again I am thrilled with the results. I created a Adirondack chair using tools I was afraid to try at one time. I have had a lot of fun and have learned a lot of tricks of the trade as well. One student compared our instructor to the guy who gives away the magicians secrets only with wood. I will have to take a semester off because the class I need won't start until April or May. I might take facility maintenance again to brush up on some stuff from the last class.
Got an email from my boy in Iraq, he's doin fine. He said he has been real busy and will keep us posted. Maybe I shouldn't call him boy anymore.....after all he is expected to fight for our freedom. That's a different soap box and I am out of time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lists R our Friend

I am not sure if I shared this before but I like lists. Using lists keeps me on task especially at work. ADD, perhaps but as long as I refer to my list I tend to GSD. Anywho Pastor R and I have decided lists are good and we started utilizing this method in the last couple weeks and I am feeling super productive.

This is my Son and Me on his wedding day. He was deployed to Iraq.
Having a son in Iraq is harder than I could have anticipated. While listening to the news yesterday I heard a hummer was blown off the road during an ambush from the enemy. Three young men lost their lives and I immediately wondered if one of them was my son. Thankfully it was not, but then I soon realized those kids did belong to someone. I prayed for peace and comfort for those families and thanked God my child was spared. I say I believe he will come home safe, but do I really? Not sure at this point.
So I will keep plugging away at my things to do list and try not to worry.

10 things I am grateful for...
  1. My son is still alive and well
  2. I finished my chair, and it looks pretty darn good.
  3. My eldest daughter has invited us up for a weekend at her new house.
  4. Andy, crown molding is tricky, thanks for the coping secret.
  5. PR, for his wisdom
  6. PB for his heart
  7. Jen for the fantastic job with our children at Kids Rock
  8. David for awesome praise and worship
  9. time to play with my children
  10. Large capacity washer and dryer, if you have more than one child, you can appreciate that statement.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Gods Hands

My eldest son, Private Edward J. Hurley Jr. (E.J.) Has made it to the middle east. He is currently in Kuwait awaiting orders to deploy to Bagdad. We love him and we are proud that he would choose to volunteer for the Army, knowing we are at war. We pray for him daily. We have placed him in Gods hands and the rest is up to The Maker of the universe. God tells us not to worry. He loves us and does not want us to suffer. In the giant scheme of it all, He did create us and He wants us. I know he will keep my son safe. You can email E.J. at edwardjhurleyjr@yahoo.com let him know you are supporting him and his platoon, you can also email EDWARD.HURLEY1@us.army.mil. I will keep you posted.