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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Change is inevitable

As you know our church has been going through a transition, an awakening if you will. I have seen a lot of people go in the last couple of years and I have seen even more replace those who have left. I believe God is cleaning house. I believe we are headed to the next level. The lights and Paint are not what will get us there. It is The love of GOD that gets us there. As long as our Pastors keep their EYE'S on the Vision God has placed in them we should pick up and follow them. My Husband said it best when he told me " I trust my Pastor. I will continue to Follow them as long as what we do as a church aligns with the word. I will continue to tithe because I trust them and believe once I am faithful and I sow my seeds in fertile soil We will be blessed. What they do with it is between them and GOD. They are our leaders." Well Tony does not usually say a whole lot but that pretty much summed it up for me. I thank You God for providing me with a husband who is wise.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Love my JOB

This week has been a week of firsts. I had the daunting task of fixing the large door to the sanctuary. From the years of use and abuse the door closer finally broke lose. It pulled screws and all out of the top of the door so not only did I have to fix that but I had to think of a way to prevent it from happening again.
  • Wood putty, that will work NOT. I tried it let it sit 24 hours, replaced the hardware, closed the door and Ta-DA! it did NOT work:(
  • Back at the drawing board. Go to web site for door fixing, Yes there is one. Got instructions
  • Go to hardware store for supplies including a new drill bit for masonry. They did not have the size bit I needed but sent me to tools plus...They had it.
  • filled the hole with wood filler, not putty let sit another 24 hours.
  • to prevent this from happening again I surmised door stoppers might help by keeping the door closer from over extending thus putting less pressure on the screws and keeping everything in place.
  • After putting the wood filler in the hole I went ahead and placed the anchors in the wet filler so it could all become one unit. Imagine unity making it stronger.
  • Drilling concrete intimidated me a little. The gentleman at the store said to use this bit I would need at least 1000 rpm. I do not know how fast that is and do not have any way to tell if I am at 1000 so I give it a whirl.(whats the worst that could happen?)
  • Carpet is on the floor, should I drill through it or cut out a square? I opt to cut out a small square, easier said than done.
  • The carpet is permanently part of the floor soooooo after cutting the square and being unsuccessful at pulling it out through the carpet we go......NO Problem:)
  • Now all is back together and you can barely tell the door was ever busted yeah me:)
  • Long story I know but as I have always said....WITH GOD I CAN DO ANYTHING!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Now there is a giant hole in the top of one of the main doors in the sanctuary. I guess from over extending the door pull the wood finally gave way and the screws pulled out. It is not going to be easy to fix. I tried filling the hole with wood putty and then using anchors to hold the screws in but when I tried to close the door they did not hold. This has been a process. Now I have to try to cut a block of wood to fit the hole, glue it in then... start the process again. Lets see what happens.. stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lawn Mower!

Several points today
1. I love my lawn mower. It is a fully automatic with cruise control, that's right I said cruise control. It does very nicely. Ok if I lose my JOB I lose the mower...it belongs to them.
2.Today was the first day I have been able to use it. It was great. Oh today Point #
3. I found out I had someone read me. I am so excited. Maybe now PB will give me a link.
4.Today My cousin sent me a picture of her piggy bank after filling up her car with Gas, talk about scary.
5. No school this week that means I get to stay home with my children all day.(no not being sarcastic)...ok maybe a little. I love my boyz don't get me wrong but they will not get dressed to play outside unless I shut off all electrical games, dvd players, tv's you get the picture. When we were kids we always played outside- our parents had to beg us to come in even for dinner now-a-days you can't get them out. They claim there is nothing to do outside. There are plenty of things you can dig a hole to China, Hide and seek, tag, kick ball, the list go's on and on. We must as parents make them use their imagination or we will have a nation full of X-box zombies(personal opinion.)
6. I love my JOB. Working for my church gives me purpose. I feel like I am contributing to humanity. I am learning leadership skills. I am being stretched which is the only reason I started blogging because I thought I was being stretched in the wrong areas and that lets you know God knows best. He can take what looks like a bad situation and make it better. So I am growing closer to God every day I keep this Job. because I need him to be near me so I can do this every day. I focus on him and he supplies all my needs according to His will not my own. As long as I remain faithful to him he rewards me. Ain't He great!. Love ya all who read my babbling. Blog ya later.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Ok I know I am not a loser but I am having struggles with cigs. Why can I not let them go. perhaps I do not really want to, maybe I would have to let God Have too much control.

Friday, April 4, 2008

We're Off.

Today we have been blessed with a GET-A-WAY. I can not wait to see what God has in store for me. I have decided to quit smoking. This will be a great way to get er done I guess. I will need prayer and the patience God has been giving me over the past few months. This will be hard for me. I have been here before and it's not pretty. This time I will use God rather than a pill or patch. HELP!!!!. I have not even been one day and I am already losing it, NO i am not losing it I will win this battle. I am stronger than a cigarette{deep breaths} really I am.
Thank you God for all you are doing in my life. I love you and I am going to beat this thing with you I can do ALL THINGS.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We are Lions

WOW! Who new. Dr. Monroe is the answer to my prayers. I have said all along we are headed for greatness for the Lord. Dr. Monroe has given us the tools to get us headed in the right direction. I was blessed to be an employee at the ROCK and given the opportunity to experience the great things God has given this man to teach us to become what God intended, GREAT LEADERS. The staff meeting with Dr. Monroe was a life changing opportunity I am blessed to have enjoyed. I have learned so much. I am forever changed. Thank You God and thank you to our Pastors for giving us something we can grow on. I love you all-PB,PA,PN and especially PR.