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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lawn Mower!

Several points today
1. I love my lawn mower. It is a fully automatic with cruise control, that's right I said cruise control. It does very nicely. Ok if I lose my JOB I lose the mower...it belongs to them.
2.Today was the first day I have been able to use it. It was great. Oh today Point #
3. I found out I had someone read me. I am so excited. Maybe now PB will give me a link.
4.Today My cousin sent me a picture of her piggy bank after filling up her car with Gas, talk about scary.
5. No school this week that means I get to stay home with my children all day.(no not being sarcastic)...ok maybe a little. I love my boyz don't get me wrong but they will not get dressed to play outside unless I shut off all electrical games, dvd players, tv's you get the picture. When we were kids we always played outside- our parents had to beg us to come in even for dinner now-a-days you can't get them out. They claim there is nothing to do outside. There are plenty of things you can dig a hole to China, Hide and seek, tag, kick ball, the list go's on and on. We must as parents make them use their imagination or we will have a nation full of X-box zombies(personal opinion.)
6. I love my JOB. Working for my church gives me purpose. I feel like I am contributing to humanity. I am learning leadership skills. I am being stretched which is the only reason I started blogging because I thought I was being stretched in the wrong areas and that lets you know God knows best. He can take what looks like a bad situation and make it better. So I am growing closer to God every day I keep this Job. because I need him to be near me so I can do this every day. I focus on him and he supplies all my needs according to His will not my own. As long as I remain faithful to him he rewards me. Ain't He great!. Love ya all who read my babbling. Blog ya later.