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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fire Ants- Masters of relocation

Ok Now that the ladder has been mastered I have moved on to power equipment. Well Lets just say it has been a little scary. As You could imagine having never really been completely responsible for landscaping this will surely be trial and error. Mowing grass takes a special kind of person. It's Loud and dirty work. My hat is off to all who endure this back breaking occupation day after day to supply necesities for their families. I think I have bitten off a little more than I can chew. I am exausted and I only worked for about 1 hour. The fire ants are taking over and we are about to lose this war with nature. If it's not worring about the mess the geese will make it's the fire ants. They are relentless in their persute of family. They are more organized than any army and the ants put the geese to shame as far as ingenuity. To scare off the geese all we had to do was stratigecly place some fishing wire and make it uncomfortable for them to get in and out of the water. These ANTS, masters of relocation and architecture can move the entire clan in one evenig.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

With God Anything is possible

Yes I was on a 20ft ladder yesterday!! Why?you might ask, because the bulbs had to be changed. Thanks to some help from a local photographer, Matthew Ray, I was able to complete the task. This is part of a new trail God has me on. I'm never sure where we are going but I know in the end I'll be glad I went. Climbing a 20 Ft ladder is not my idea of fun and I want you to know I was terrified. Yes I know.. God says "fear Not. Well I have to say.. easier said than done. As I streached my eyes to the heavens to get a good look at the height, (actually becomming a little dizzy) With a deep breath I stepped on the towering rungs of terror when about half way up I realized i had forgotten the tool to bring down the actual bulb. Sweating profusly now i manage to climb back down to retrieve the 20 foot pole of suction so I will be able to retrieve the bulb from it's socket. Oh, did I forget to mention the bulb is atleast another 15 or so more feet from me and the ladder. This pole is not riged by any means infact it is very unstable, no I do not think it will actually bend in half but still quite wiggly. Any-way The task is not over, I still need to climb down, attach a new bulb to the suction cup climb back up and fanagle the bulb back into the socket wich after only three tries was this accomplished. Now dripping wet with sweat wet palms dry throat buckling knees and frazzled nerves. THE BULB IS IN.. now only 3 more to go.