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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wasps, bees, and other flying bugs OH MY!

Today I must conquer the stinging insects. It seems wasps have tried to take over the playground. I know...this is dangerous work but I think I can handle it. I once read an article that stated if you are being chased by bees you should run in a zig zag pattern(which I think is funny.) here's why. I was chased by wasps once when I was a kid and YOU CAN'T HELP BUT RUN IN A ZIG ZAG PATTERN! you can't see because you are running with your eyes shut and your arms flailing about to keep them off your face, Doing this will not guarantee you will not get stung however you will make some video for anyone watching. OH well here I go. I'll let you know what happens. They say if you plan an assault on wasps you should do it early in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Last time I checked your blog wasn't accessible to me. About the bees...

I have seen what happens to people who accidentally run afoul of yellow jackets. It involves a great deal of totally immodest shucking of clothes regardless of where you happen to be or who's watching! Stinging wasps are a great reducer of one's modesty, especially when they get into your shorts.

And the horrible little things were still biting and stinging away at the fabric when we searched them out and crushed them individually half an hour later!

I suppose God made wasps for a reason... but He'll have to explain it to me when I get up there.

Love you!