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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well Well Well.....

I have been working on this different and new thing and God has done it a gain. I was working hard as usual when on a potty break I noticed some lights out in the ladies rm. Well I can fix that. New bulbs. when I noticed different light bulbs go into this fixture. See different and new for me. Any way I remembered seeing them in the closet SOOOOO.... I quickly retrieved them and replaced them and guess what..... That's right it still won't work, oh well I guess I'll have to change the ballast so OK where is the breaker for this light? I checked in the obvious place and , nope, not in there, so I get our trusty Office Administrator to come and tell me if the light goes out as I flick breaker after breaker off and on- nope! OK then I give up. I guess it will have to stay out for now.
As I am doing my rounds outside I notice the lighting guys are here again just as Carolyn had informed us in her blog. They were only too happy to help me with my dilemma And the first thing they stated after I explained the problem was ....ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE BALLAST? Of course I stated then he asked me what is this switch for? pointing, (by the way it is one I had not seen earlier) Well yes that switch was for the light. And after replacing the old bulbs he turned it on and Ta-DA there was light. I was a blond in a former life.

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