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Thursday, May 1, 2008


That is what people say while talking on the phone..."same old same old." Does that mean they are bored, content, or believe that is all there is. If every time someone says "same old same old" we say "DIFFERENT & NEW" and tell them something exciting(or at least exciting to you) we could get them thinking. God does not want us bored. He has given us plenty to do. So if you find yourself saying "same old same old" stop, think, and say something new and different. I have been caught in this trap for some time now but I will make a special point to find something New & Different!

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bryan mcgee said...

This post is so good that I HAD to leave you a comment all the way from Costa Rica. You should write more like this.

I am proud of you and blessed beyond words that I get to work on the same team as you.

Now, go be new and different.