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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We as a church body are being called to fast for 21 days with our focus on God and our city. Not just our church here at Rock Church but several churches. How could this be a bad thing? I don't believe it could be. I feel like we should come together as a team for God and take this time to hear what He has in store for us. I feel like we can only benefit from this experience. Like Pastor B said we do not all have to go without food for 21 days(unless God has called you to do so) but I think if we seek the lord with prayer we will be led to put away something we THINK we can not live without. I have been preparing mentally, physically and spiritually for this. I want a closer relationship with God. I want to here his voice. I want Him to touch me in a special way. I want more of Him. 11 days after the beginning of the fast I have set a QUIT date for smoking.(Yes I have been a smoker for years) I believe with God all things are possible and I know I am stronger than my addiction(Plus I have a, what I believe to be a, "Great Coach" to help keep me accountable. I have been preparing for this for the last two months. My 10 reasons for quitting are these...
  1. For my health(I'm no spring chicken)
  2. For my husband(worried I'll die today)
  3. For my 12yo (worried I won't live to see my grand children)
  4. To be an example for the people who look up to me. (my children)
  5. I do not want cancer from cigarette's (or any other kind)
  6. Quitting will add years back to my life
  7. So I can breath better(I used to run and last week while helping put away somethings I had a hard time catching my breath after a few trips up and down the stairs.) I once ran a mile in 7min. That is my goal to be able to run a mile again, it does not have to be 7 min. but to finish it running would be good.
  8. Save Money- yes it would be about $75.00 a month. (That will pay for Ross's Guitar lessons)
  9. I will spend about 30 extra min. a day with my children.(because I smoke outside and not around them)
  10. My food, that I love, will taste better.
Any way my heart is in it and my spirit is willing, though my flesh may be weak, nothing is impossible with God on your side and Carolyn keeping you accountable.

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