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Friday, December 12, 2008

Love this season

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shopping for a nine year old girl. The PTO sponsored a child for Christmas, So shopping yesterday was even more enjoyable. All she had on her list was a Bike. Wow...in an age when children seem to want more she only had one thing on her list and we made sure she got it. I was so excited to drop it off at the school today. I wish I could know who this child is just to see the look on her face when she gets it:-). This year we decided as a family we would only get one thing for each child. We are trying to put the focus on giving and not receiving. Not to mention this is supposed to be the giving season. We get to celebrate this wonderful time because of the ultimate gift giver....GOD. He gave us his Son, a way out, a Savior, our King who took the punishment for us so we could be saved. I can remember when I finally got that. So for you I will explain it like this. God was up there in Heaven looking down here and shaking his head. He probably thought "well I can't flood them out again...I promised" I will go there my self as Jesus, live a perfect life, set the example, and then let them torture me till I am dead, raise up again in three days, explain all of this to a few and maybe, just maybe, they will get it." God loves us so much he came, suffered, died and rose again to prove it. He does not want to punish us, he loves us.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what you don't say is that one of the kids is getting a guitar!!! That's a pretty keen present, right there.

The bike is amazing- how did you manage it?