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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Class is almost finished

I have two classes left. It has been a great time for me. I have learned to do things and fix things I never thought possible. This has been a great year. Because of my position at Rock Church
I am taking a class that has stretched me even further, Mentally and physically, I have learned how to troubleshoot simple electrical problems, learned how a small (2cycle) engine works and how to troubleshoot simple problems. It seems there is a priming button and it is important to use it when starting a small engine, being careful not to prime too much or it still will not start. Andy has been very helpful and explains everything clearly and if you have a question he usually has the answer and if he doesn't he will find the answer for you and make sure you understand it completely. I believe he is a blessing to Cape Fear community college and his students. I have discussed with my husband about taking the woodworking class next month. I have discovered I like working with power tools. In this class I created a box with a raised panel lid and dovetail joints. I can't wait to put the final coat of finish on it. I had some help and it is very nice.

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