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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Rocks got Talent.

does have talent. The children played the cello, sang and did comedy. One family sang a beautiful song together, they were very good. We had a "metal band" called "Carry the wounded" They rocked the ROCK. I think the jury is still out on that one. The supremes showed up, oh, the MC's where funny too. I don't know what kind of brain you have to have to think up some of that stuff but PM
and Don have that kind of brain. I like to call it "ABBYNORMAL" Anyway it was a fun evening. By the way My son McKinly came in tying for third with the cellist. He did a stand up comedy routine. He did not write the stuff he Used Tim Hawkins, but he nailed it. Maybe soon he will write his own after all he is only 11.
We have been celebrating our 20th anniversary here at the ROCK and the transition of Senior Pastor. The video Carolyn
created was beautiful. The perfect song, perfect photos, She is a true creative artist/producer/lighting designer/director. then of coarse you can not forget the ROCK's Own worship leader.....David Pray. The worship team is wonderful. The way Holy Spirit is ushered into the service every week. I believe true worship can not be faked. Our House is filled with the Holy Spirit every Sunday coaxed in by the worship of this house, band, and Church Family....coming together in Unity with one voice and it is ALL about Him.
Thank You God for loving us. Thank you for saving us, Thank you for Dying so we could live. We Love you Lord.

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