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Monday, September 20, 2010

No words!

Well Pastor Bryan has been reading my journal again. The series God gave him for the last few weeks has messed me up.
I do believe in God, I believe Jesus died and rose again for our sin but do I live like Jesus is with me always...probably not.

I was reminded a couple weeks ago how blessed I felt to purchase a home we could afford. I was so happy and thankful God saw us worthy enough to open up yet another door of blessings on us.

I remember searching and searching for a home of our own that we would not have to struggle with the payment, getting a fixed mortgage, and it had to be within 8 miles of Burgaw with 4 bedrooms and two baths. I did not realize four bedrooms were so rare and so much more than a house with three. so after searching for months and looking at at least 20 homes this one came up. It has 4 bedrooms and two baths. It was well within our price range and we jumped on it.

I remember preparing the house for our stuff and praising and thanking God for all He had done for us. I remember singing loud and strong of the glory of the blessing bestowed upon our family. I remember cleaning and praying over every room as we prepared to be home owners. God has truly blessed us.

Recently I have been wanting more. I have become unsatisfied with the blessing God gave our family and have been envious of other peoples things. Wishing I had a garage, patio, french doors, bigger and better everything. I felt not only did I want an upgrade but that I deserved it. After all I have worked hard...well pastors sermon spoke to me. I was no longer happy with what God had blessed me with and not so long ago was singing praises for it.
I quickly repented for being so selfish. I thanked God for the blessings in my home. My children are healthy, My husband is a hard worker and he is faithful to me. I found work that I totally enjoy, of course with Gods help. He is still blessing me.

I have the washer and dryer I wanted and God provided a way for me to get them. This house...God too. My children...God's, Everything I have is His. I have never worried about money (too much because) God provides and I am a good steward with what He has given me. Because of this new position I am able to continue to work with FlipSide youth and Pastor Matthew, as well as take my son to C.A.P. and continue the small group I started.

Thank You God for blessing me, Thank you for all the things you have given to me. You are wonderful and marvelous and worthy to be praised. I lift my hands and worship you awesome God.

10 Things I am grateful for...

1. A forgiving God who gave His only son to save me.
2. A visionary God who created the entire universe just so He could spend time with me.
3. A giving God who gave us free will so we could choose to love Him because He loves us so much
4. A loving God who wants us to have our true hearts desire and determines what is best for us.
5. A God who lets us make mistakes and holds His arms out when we fall and come running back.
6. A God who knows what is best even when we can't understand.
7. A God who loves us so much He will never leave us nor forsake us.
8. A God who knows my heart even when I am angry, hurt, or upset.
9. A God who gave us all the answers and we still don't listen
10 An all forgiving all knowing God whom we can not hide from.
So turn around and run back to him. He still loves you. He is still waiting for you.

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