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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Parenting is an awesome responsibility! God allows us to have and raise children seemingly with no instruction. That is not true.

We have an instruction manual for our entire life. The Bible.
Yes I know it sounds unrealistic to live by such strict rules but how in the world can we expect our children to live by our rules if we can not live by our Father's rules. Sure we have grace but we are going to have to answer for a lot of things we did while we were here, I'm sure of it.

All we have to do is stop looking to see what everyone else considers "OK" for our kids and look at the word. God does not care about the stupid little things like computers and cell phones. He wants us to love each other and care for one another. Help each other out when needed and celebrate with each other.

As for raising our children, We are to raise them to fear the lord. Give them strict guidelines to adhere to and learn to respect their parents and elders. They do not have to be afraid and we are not frustrate them. We can listen to them but we are the boss and what we say goes.

There must be firm lines that can not be crossed and if they get crossed we must be firm and adhere to the punishment. If we do not hold them accountable for their own actions then they will will never learn to be accountable and grow up to blame everything on everyone else.

We have to remember, yes we feel bad because we had to cancel plans because we have to hold our child accountable, but in the end they will understand that we are true to our word and expect them to behave in a way that is pleasing to us and God. We have to hold them to high standards because the world keeps lowering theirs.

God's standards never change! Sin is sin and believe me, We as parents are going to be held responsible for our children in the end. I would rather my child was upset for a few days then have to go to heaven and explain why I did not raise my child in the way they should go. And all I have to say to defend myself is "That's how all my friends did it".