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Friday, March 13, 2009

One More day!

The Fun Festival is almost here. You can feel the excitement building. The rides are up, dunking booth is here, funnel cake truck is ready, fire ants are dead and according to Pastor Matthew the rain chance has fallen from 80% to 40%. We are going to have a great time. Check out PM's video's on U-tube. I have created a place here on my blog for you to see Pastor Matthew's creative side. His weather video is hilarious. Just scroll down and you will find them on the right. Two years ago we did this and it rained all over New Hanover Co. but not @ Rock Church
We had a great day. It looked like rain all day but it held off until the festival was over. God is good. Besides I heard about a strange formation of a bubble of some sort surrounding the Castle Hayne area that the meteorologists has never seen seen before. You can check it out for yourself on u-tube. Just scroll down and find Pastor Matt holding a map. Click and you too can see this amazing phenomenon. Go check it out and See you tomorrow @ Rock Church 5301 Sidbury Rd. in Castle Hayne N.C..

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