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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Car Trouble

Well it started out to be a better day than usual. I was up early, kids got ready early, everyone ate breakfast before it was time to go, They even got to see a little tv before school. The day was going well. I was able to drink 2 cups of coffee and had some quiet time with God before I got the kids up. Well you might be asking what could go wrong? I even left the house in plenty of time to miss the morning rush at the intersection of he double hockey sticks(left hand turn, no light) Any who, after dropping off my little angel at school I made a right, stopped at the red light and then......., my steering felt funny, the battery light came on, hmmmmm? what could it be? I carefully turned into the empty lot to my right, car still running but something was definitely wrong. I shut the car off and called my very smart husband, (who is also a mechanic) explained the symptoms and he knew exactly what it was(or so he thought) He brought the belt he thought he was going to need to change and discovered that it was not the belt but a pulley that turns the belt. I guess the barrings froze up (according to my genius husband). That was just as easy to fix. So $40.00 and an hour later I was on my way again. Thank you God for my husband. He saves me tons in auto maintenance. Love you baby!