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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Climb

As you may all be aware I do not like heights. Monday I was informed one of my teammates would need help in the area of scaffolding. Lights in the sanctuary This time it's the stage lights. That was Monday today is Wednesday.
Thank the Lord Jesus for Jim and Carolyn. I do not know how this would have been completed. As I was lugging in the 400 pieces(exaggeration) of scaffold Jim had a break and offered help which I immediately accepted. He helped put it together stabilize and even changed bulbs with Carolyn. Who is Jim you say? He is an Angel sent by God for me. I only had to climb one time and that was because he needed a pair of pliers. Carolyn and Jim make an awesome team. As the scaffolding grew taller and taller stretching to the heavens I ( not even on the apparatus) am sweating profusely. I am not sure why it frightens me so But my mind always thinks the worst and I visualized them falling and all that may need to be done to help after. Sick I know. My stomach was in knots until they were down and safe on the ground again. After lunch we have to do some more. HELP!!!!!!

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