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Lover of life. Enjoy coffee and good conversation. Some people say I am funny. Sometimes talk too much. willing to try new things, though this is a new characteristic discovered recently.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok, picture this... A box of light bulbs comes in, I open it and find...... You guessed it bubbles. They are such fun to pop soooooo I give some to Reagan and he is enjoying the popping sound as he steps on each bubble one at a time with his little two year old foot when all of the sudden here comes Megs, "BUBBLES!!!!!" she exclaims and proceeds to pop some of Reagan's so I offer her another piece of bubble wrap and lo and behold Lori comes in "I want the the bubbles!!!" and Her and Meagan ensue an altercation. Lorie's receipt gets wrinkled by now everyone wants a piece and everyone is laughing. Carolyn F. wants nothing to do with the whole thing and she hightails it out of the room. Funny? Yes. You have to imagine at this point because I have not become disciplined enough to bring my camera to work.......yet, but I will and when I do look out. More to come