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Lover of life. Enjoy coffee and good conversation. Some people say I am funny. Sometimes talk too much. willing to try new things, though this is a new characteristic discovered recently.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I work with a very dynamic group of people. They always seem to know just what they are going to say and with such eloquence. Thank God for spell check. Any way I love these people. They love god and are not afraid to show it. I have a hard time coming out of my shell. It is safe in here. I find that when I do get brave enough to come out I tend to see my flaws. If I am forced to interact someone may see inside my world and I feel like I must protect. With these people I probably tell too much. My children are my main topic because they are my life, well them and my Husband. Don't get me wrong I am a Jesus Freak! If it weren't for him I would be stuck in a bar somewhere in Vermont every night after work like most of the people I knew and grew up with. I can not believe that is a way of life for some. anyway I am grateful for all of my team mates. I do like working in this atmosphere and it is challenging. It is also fun. I am starting to see how PB thinks(scary) and I am starting to see the humanity i have been looking for. He has such a heart for this church family and all the things that are going on will come to fruition when the time is right (Gods Time). This city will see the great and awesome wonders God Is doing here and will continue to do throughout this city using the ROCK as a part of the body of Christ.