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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting up late

Good morning everyone. Yes I over slept this morning. I do that at least once a week. Not that I am late but it messes up the whole morning. When I realize in my sleepy haze that it's actually 6:30 I know there is no way I can get thing one and thing two up and out in 15min, Mac is good he has a whole 20min. I used to literally drag them off of their beds walk them to the bathroom and physically dress them including washing faces and combing hair and telling them on the way to the bus stop "just get breakfast at school!" This as you can imagine is very traumatic for my children and me. I have decided if I get up late I can no longer punish them because of my tardiness. I will have to take them to school. No this is not pleasant either but at least My children had breakfast with me and I did not lose it because they were not being fast enough(because they are technically still asleep.)
God thank you for my new found patients and I am sure my kids thank you too. I guess I realized it is just not worth it to get so upset when your cheese gets moved. Let go and let God.

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