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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yes I am a PTO MOM. I am the co-president for RPPS in Rocky Point there are two of us because it is too much for one person. We are about to have our annual fall festival and the days are few. I am a little stressed. Not too much. I mean we can only work with what we have right? Donations are what make this possible that and parents who volunteer to help us. I want every parent at RPPS to know you are appreciated. Thank You Thank You. Donations are already rolling in. Thank You as well to Food Lion for their generous donation of cakes for the cake walk as well as Christy's restaurant in Wilmington for the whipped cream donation. I hope to get you all some pictures as soon as we are done.

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agentlejoy said...

Love you- hope the festival goes well. We're REALLY looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving!!